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Interviews and Conversations

Here you will find interviews and conversations with experienced travellers, travel experts and just interesting people in general. Sometimes the articles will be about travel, about experiences living abroad, stories about connecting with human beings from other places or simply interesting insights. 

Occasionally these stories will also feature people who have managed to create an entrepreneurial venture, either travel-related or in a foreign country, and managed to combine a love of foreign cultures with setting up their own business.  

Other times these interviews may simply feature individuals that I think are interesting, who have come to amazing insights or made noteworthy contributions in one way or another. Many of our recent articles focus on people and organizations who are making a different and doing their share in creating a more positive world around us.

All in all, this website isn't just about me and my own personal travel and life journeys. There are so many people out there to learn from, to share experiences with and to connect with. That's why I treasure the opportunity to go out there and literally sniff out interesting, unique personalities and present them to you. So here you go:

Presenting: Lash, an American woman, who has been on a world trip for 20 years
Presenting: Lainie Liberti, from California digital media executive to globetrotting mom
Presenting: David Brown, the Urban Tour Host - a true Miami expert
Presenting: Brandon Wilson, author, world traveller, pilgrim - Part I
Presenting: Brandon Wilson, author, world traveller, pilgrim - Part II
Presenting: Only in San Francisco - Part I
Presenting: Only in San Francisco - Part II
Presenting: Niagara Falls Tourism: One wonder after another
Presenting: Toronto Police Service 55 Division - A lesson in community policing
Presenting: Exploring the shopping opportunities along Kingston Road
Presenting: The Beaches Library - a centre of learning for all ages
Presenting: A historical tour and mission of mercy with Gene Domagala
Presenting: The spirit of charity comes full circle at St. Aidan's
Presenting: A second neighbourhood walk and talk with Maria Minna
Presenting: At Nevada's Ristorante hospitality is a family affair
Presenting: Andrew Howard and Rachael Smith: bringing the spirit of charity to a yard sale near you
Presenting: Hong Zhao - From Chinese Immigrant with Little English Skills to Becoming A Successful English-Language Publisher in the Beach
Presenting: Fire Station 227 - history, heroism and local connections in the Beach
Presenting: the Kingston Road Business Community:a neighbourhood undergoing revitalization and an integral part of the Beach
Presenting: The Beach Metro Community News - much more than just the news
Presenting: Maria Minna - an Italian-Canadian immigrant story and a life-long fight for social justice
The Beach Business Improvement Area: A general overview of Toronto's Beach neighbourhood
Presenting: The Beach Lions Club - Celebrating with the community and making a difference
Presenting: The Beach Rotary Club - Service above self and the joys of volunteering
Presenting: Sandra Bussin - Representing the Beach for 18 years
Presenting: Ralph Noble - Hero, life-saver and creator of the most famous mural in the Beach
Presenting: The Garden Gate Restaurant a.k.a. "The Goof" - Good food since 1952
Presenting: The Balmy Beach Club - Legend by the Lake for 102 years
Presenting: The Green Eggplant - healthy, creative and plentiful cuisine in the Beach
Presenting: Lido Chilelli - Founder of the Toronto International Beaches Jazz Festival
Presenting: Lucille Crighton - Textile arts and horticulture in the Beach
Presenting: John Dowding - Aphotography lesson from a true master
Presenting: Steven & Paul from Accommodation The Soul B&B - Hospitality with a personal touch
Presenting: Bob Murdoch from Centre 55 - an expert in community building
Presenting: Burgi and Benedetta offer Austrian delicacies in Toronto's Beach neighbourhood
Presenting: Marie Perrotta from the Pegasus Community Project helps adults with special needs reach for the stars
Presenting: Mary Lee from Spiaggia's: A restaurant owner with a heart for the arts
Presenting: Alex Winch from the Beach Solar Laundromat - An unstoppable commitment to environmental sustainability and innovative entrepreneurship
Presenting: Michael Prue - from Regent Park to Queens Park: a working class success story
Presenting: Michelle Gebhart – a true Renaissance woman: From army brat to expert renovator, biker lady, successful restaurateur & dedicated youth volunteer
Presenting: Glenn Cochrane: Media personality, author and expert fundraiser – A Champion of the Beach for almost 40 years
Presenting: Vivetha Bistro - a popular spot serving ecclectic food
Presenting: Arie Nerman and the Beach Hebrew Institute: the People's Synagogue
Presenting: Gene Domagala - A human convenience store of charity and community involvement in Toronto's Beach
Presenting: Colleen O'Brien - Grand Prize Winner of our 2006 Travel Story Contest
Presenting: Ben Viccari - A strong voice for Canadian multiculturalism
Presenting: 'Cicerones' - Buenos Aires' free greater program
Presenting: Matt Rosenblatt from Toronto's Distillery District
Presenting: Lenny Lombardy - Pioneering Multicultural Broadcasting
Presenting: Christina Zeidler - Hotelier, Artist and Urban Visionary
"Kensington: Village in the City and one of Calgary's most popular entertainment areas"
"Presenting: Paul Teolis - World traveller, successful Hollywood animator and now travel photographer in Toronto"
"Presenting: Hermilo Brito from the Ideal Language School in Cuernavaca - Making Spanish Learning Fun"
"Presenting: Ignite the Nite - How a Toronto circus night is going to benefit street children in Peru"
"Presenting: Pablo Buitron from Fundacion Comunidad: Helping Women Help Themselves in the Mexican State of Morelos"
"Presenting: Jorge Torres from the Cetlalic Lanuage School in Cuernavaca - Spanish teacher, Social and Political Activist"
"Preview: Paul Teolis: A successful animator and travel photographer shares his travel tales and photography tricks"
"Preview: Markus Lehmann: From Calgary to Rio de Janeiro - Hand crafter of a historic tall ship"
"Presenting: Ruben Cortes talks about cultural and adventure travel in the Mexican state of Morelos"
"Presenting: Skills for Change - a Toronto-based agency that helps immigrants settle successfully in Canada"
"Presenting: Legacy International, a US-based NGO dedicated to peace-building, leadership training and international exchanges"
"Presenting: Richard Belliveau climbs a Mexican volcano to raise money for street kids in Peru"
"Presenting: Canada's Museum of Civilization: 1000 years of human culture"
"Presenting: Elderhostel.com- Adventure and Learning for People 55+"
"Presenting: Sue Kenney - A pilgrim continues her journey"
"Presenting: Farzana Hassan - A progressive voice in Canadian Islam"
"Local Toronto community organization sends at-risk youth to China, India and Mongolia for international learning experiences"
"Expatriation Coaching: Whether or not to immigrate to a foreign country"
"Presenting: The National Gallery of Canada - One of Ottawa's treasures"
"Presenting: Calgary - Canada's Heart of the New West"
"Voices of diversity: Two Toronto women create a Holocaust documentary"
"Presenting: Ottawa - Canada's Capital and an exciting travel destination"
"Presenting: Ottawa's ByWard Market combines great food, shopping, arts and special events in a historic setting"
"Presenting: WinterCity - Toronto's Winter Festival - Culinary treats, live music, performances, acrobatics and fun for the whole family"
"Presenting: Banff & Lake Louise: Jewels in the Canadian Rockies"

"Preview: Chioma - Nigerian-Born Canadian Entrepreneur, Speaker and Publisher - A Shining Beacon in Canada's Black Community"

"Preview: Women Transcending Boundaries - A Syracuse-based women's group that connects women of all faiths and backgrounds"
"Presenting: Danielle Weiss explains the concept of Sustainable Tourism"
"Preview: Voices of Diversity: Esther and Li head out on a Holocaust education trip and create a documentary"
"Presenting: Susanne Schleyer - A Young German Photographer Confronts German History"
"Presenting: Bruce Poon Tip, Global Adventure Travel Entrepreneur with a Conscience"
"Presenting: Danielle Weiss - Latin America Fan and Sustainable Tourism Expert"
"Presenting: Clare Wang - Expert on China, the Mysterious Giant"
"Preview: Eliza Haddad, Lebanese-Canadian Film Producer, sheds light on the children of Iraq"
"Presenting: Toronto's New Greeter Program and Other Useful Resources for Toronto"
"Presenting: Bruce Bell - Comedian, Actor, Playwright, Renowned Historian and Lover of Toronto
"Preview: Susanne Schleyer - A German Photographer Confronts German History"
"Preview: Bruce Poon Tip - Global Travel Entrepreneur with a Conscience"
"Preview: Danielle Weiss - Latin America Fan and Sustainable Travel Expert"
"Presenting: Dr. Scott Rains - World Traveller, Expert on Disabled Travel and "Universal Design"
"Preview: Dr. Scott Rains - Disabled Travel Expert"
"Presenting: Pablo Chufeni - Servas Member, Creator of International Youth Language Study Programs"
"Presenting: Danielle Lafond who mortgaged her condo to start a non-profit community organization in Peru"
"Presenting: Mary Jane Mikuriya - Servas Traveller and Committed Local Volunteer in San Francisco"
"Presenting: Robert and Bette Allekotte - Servas Members, Family Travellers, Volunteers for Peace & the Environment"
"Presenting:Mony Dojeiji and her 5000 km Walk for Peace - Part II
"Presenting: Valma Brenton - International Entrepreneur, Professional Sailor, Empowerer of Women"
"Presenting: Helga Smith: Servas Traveller, Marathon Runner & Conqueror of Mount Kilimanjaro"
"Preview: Helga Smith: Servas Traveller, Marathon Runner & Conqueror of Mount Kilimanjaro"
"Preview: Pablo Chufeni: Argentinean Servas Member and Champion of Youth Initiatives"
"Preview: Mary Jane Mikuriya: Servas Traveller, San Francisco Volunteer for Peace and Social Justice"
"Preview: Gilbert Sherr: Servas Traveller, Social and Cultural Researcher"
"Preview: Robert & Bette Allekotte: Servas Members, Family Travellers, Volunteers for Peace & the Environment"
"Presenting: Grouse Mountain - The Peak of Vancouver"
"Presenting: Mony Dojeiji and her 5000 km Walk for Peace - Part I"
"Coming up: A Toronto couple remortgages their home to start charity organization in Peru"
"Krista Scott: Australian harvest worker and ESL teacher in Vietnam"
"Volunteering globally for Doctors Without Borders"
"Living and working abroad: How one family moved from England to Spain to create an adventure-travel company"
"RVing: Another creative, even affordable travel option"
"My Buddy Mario: A True World Traveller and Intercultural Expert"
"Big Apple Greeter: Exploring New York City with the help of a local volunteer - free of charge"
"Presenting: Mother-daughter team Martina & Jennefer go on a 1400 km biking trip through Germany"
"My Interview and Real-Life Travel Adventure with Toronto Hippo Tours"
"Coming up: Mony talks about her 5000 km Walk for Peace"
"Dan and Judith House-Swap for 2 years in Provence"
"Captain Ron Talks About Houseboating - An Affordable Travel Option"
"Presenting: Pier 21 - Canada's Front Door to Millions of Immigrants"
"Caretaking: An Innovative Solution for Global Rent-Free Living "
"Presenting: Dr. Arya & His Incredible Trekk To Nepal"
"Presenting: Caribana - Toronto's Huge Caribbean Culture Festival"
"Presenting: Pride Toronto - One of Toronto's Largest Festivals"
"Presenting: SERVAS: Peace and intercultural exchange - Stay and connect with a local host"
"Presenting: Doors Open Toronto - Toronto's Architecture Festival"
"The Traveller Next Door: My friend Carol - Expert on Turkey and Greece"
"Presenting: Sue Kenney: Pilgrim, Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker"
"Coming Up: Sue Kenney & the Camino de Santiago"
"Presenting: Ivana Grzetic: Former Miss Universe Croatia - Now Sea-Kayaking Entrepeneur in Dubrovnik"
"Coming up: Jerry Gain - European Tour Expert and Urban Visionary"
"Coming up: My friend Carol - An expert on Istanbul"
"Coming up: A Spotlight on the Biggle Apple Greeters"
"Cultural Insights: Men, Women, Church, Family, Even Pets in Spain"
"The Adventurer Next Door: My friend Leslie in Antigua"
"Coming up: My friend Leslie in Antigua"
"Coming up: A Special Adventure - Two Years in Provence"
"Presenting: Dr. Rajiv Arya, My Cool Dentist"
"Presenting: Jeff Minthorn - Editor of Verge Magazine"
"Coming up: Jeff Minthorn, Editor of Verge Magazine"
"Coming up: My Dentist - A Really Cool Guy!"
"Karla Darocas: Artist, Entrepeneur and Canuck Expatriate in Spain"
"Second interview coming up: Karla Darocas!"
"Presenting: BARBARA WINTER!
"First Interview Coming Up: Bestselling Author Barbara Winter!"



For comments and suggestions, to share your own experiences or to participate in an interview please email me.

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