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Useful Country Guides

To make your travel planning quick and easy, I have compiled and continue to compile country guides that contain a brief overview of the country with references to each country's main regions and travel destinations, its history and culture.

The country guides also provide you with useful links to the main tourism sites for each country. In addition I have provided numerous links to books or other media that are related to various topics discussed in the country guides. So if you are thinking of getting a book about the Provence or about Florence, or maybe if you want to learn about the history of flamenco, about French cuisine or the British monarchy, for example, I have already provided convenient links to a selection of books about these topics.

The beauty about these book links to Amazon.com is that many times Amazon provides a "Look Inside" feature, which gives you the opportunity to view a good portion of the book in electronic format online. So that means you can do a lot of additional research without even having to purchase a book. So start planning your next trips by visiting some of these informative country guides:

Travel Guide - Austria
Travel Guide - Canada
Travel Guide - England
Travel Guide - France
Travel Guide - Germany
Travel Guide - Greece
Travel Guide - Italy
Travel Guide - Spain

Regional and City Guides

Through our own research and collaboration efforts with a variety of regional experts we are pleased to offer you insider coverage on different regions and cities which will give you a behind-the-scenes view into many different vacation destinations.

Chicago travel guide
Montreal's unique underground city
Montreal's spectacular mountain
Banff, Alberta - More than a cute tourist town
Romantic Kennebunkport, Maine
The majestic Adirondacks and the charming Mirror Lake Inn
Smugglers Notch, Vermont - Away from the pollution
Newport, Rhode Island - A romantic voyage back in time
Banff / Lake Louise - Canada's jewels in the Rockies

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